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Counseling Services

What Our
Counselors do

We provide behavioral healthcare counselors trained to help you gain confidence in your daily life. Our counselors assist with your goals, plans, and advocate for you in your community.

We have counselors who specialize in children and adults 5 -17, and 18 -65

We provide our families and individuals with access to supportive psychotherapy and cognitive therapy through the option of community and virtual care.

Our goal is for our clients to thrive as fully as possible in the community of their choice. We service children, adolescents, and adults.

Service Locations:

Baltimore City
Baltimore County
Howard County
Montgomery County

Do You Qualify To Thrive?

  • Maryland Medicaid
  • Children Ages: 5-17
  • Adults Ages: 18 – 65
  • Must have Mental Health DX
  • Enrollment in routine Counseling