Christopher Brown & The Rev. Alexis Brown

Our Founders

Our founders, Christopher Brown and The Rev. Alexis Brown, both have a desire to build a firm foundation.

Mr. Brown worked throughout the years consistently with several healthcare agencies. Prior to entering the field of mental health, Mr. Brown served as a field manager for The Mayor’s Office of Employment and Development (MOED). As a case manager, Mr. Brown used his transferable skills he crafted from MOED as he created partnerships with schools, therapist, churches and other establishments to bring clients and revenue to his workplace.

He did all of this while maintaining a good rapport with his clients. He was and is known to be an excellent case manager, even having clients request his personal services. His love for the behavioral health field is endless.

He established Firm Foundation to care for clients and for its employees.

His wife, of over 10 years has been a supportive force with her background in behavioral health and pastoral care. Rev. Brown holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary and is an ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church. She believes that companies thrive when they practice the value of creating justice in the workspace. The couple together has merged their collective skills and study to begin a behavioral healthcare agency that will impact and service those who need deeper support and care. They hope to help customers get a firm footing in life and eventually thrive. They hope to be a company where employees love to work.